C9 At Target Vox box from Influenster

Hello Swan Darlings,
Great to be here again. I hope you have been doing awesome and working on your plans for this year. As I always say, it's never too late. As long as you always wakeup with the vision in mind, you must work daily towards achieving it and you will definitely achieve it.
So today I bring you this vox box I got from influenster as complementary for review - The #C9atTarget Sports Bra. Here are some pictures I took of the Sports bra. 
My thoughts on the #C9atTarget Sport Bra:
It is well made
Beautiful designs
It is firm
Fits very well
Holds up great
Good band around the waist for better extra support and grip
Though i think the sizes run a bit small
All in all, it is a great product and would recommend it.
@influenster @Target #contest #C9FitGirls #C9atTarget
By the way, you can get the sports bra at a discount of 20% off because you are reading my blog today 😆😆😆
So here is the link to the coupon link : http://mc.tgt.com/cb/access/crp/p8ep1ehA6uzR/uid1x.jsp?q=3L2E173QO6GGHNE2GJWQ
You need to hurry though because the offer ends on the 19th of March 2016.
Let me know your own thoughts on this Sports Bra and if you get it using my coupon code, kindly let me know as well.
Sweet Regards,

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