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Hi guys,

So good to have you here again. How has it been with the sun (in the US) and the rain (in Nigeria) theses days?
I joined the #influenster team sometime back and part of their product review campaigns is participating in what they call a #VoxBox.
A vox box is usually themed and it is usually a box containing products (not necessarily beauty products) that can be used towards or during a particular event.
So the first Vox Box I got is called the 'I Do Vox Box' . You can easily guess what the #idovoxbox is all about right?
Yeah you guessed right. It contained items that could be used up by a bride or a wedding guest.
So here are the list of products I got from my #idovoxbox

1. Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bars -
This is a healthy and nutritious energy bar that is made from chocolates,almonds and coconut.
I enjoyed it and I like the fact that it is made without artificial flavours.
Good to rev up energy level.

2. Indeed Labs Nanoblur -
This is one of my favourite items from this #idovoxbox. It's an instant skin finisher that gives an airbrushed look by creating a smooth, silky film over skin with a matte finish for high definition ready skin.
Before the use of the Indeed Labs Nanoblur
I tried this product on my face an I saw how it immediately filled up my facial pores.
(As seen in the Before and After pictures on the left side of this post)
After the use of the Indeed Labs Nanoblur
I left it on for some hours and examined it later. The smooth velvety effect was still there.
You can use it to fill up wrinkle lines as well, so it reduces the signs of ageing and it can also be used over your foundation.

 3.  Neutrogena Hand Cream -
This is also another favourite of mine from the #idovoxbox. The hand cream is very effective in giving a silky soft  hand in an instant and I particularly like the way it keeps my knuckles soft.
 4. Covergirl Outlast lipstick and Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Faoundation -
To start with the Foundation is not my shade. I would have loved it in my shade, I wanted to try this product out but couldn't. I will look for someone to try it on, or give it out.
On the other hand, I like the lipstick. I got it in a pale pink colour, but I forgot to swatch it. It's supposed to be a long lasting moisturizing lipstick.

 5 - Sahale Snacks Grab and Go -
I got this product in Berry Macaroon which is a combination of roasted coconut, almonds,cashew nuts mixed with dried blueberry and dried apples. It's an immediate snack for on the go. I love the selection.

6 - Urgent RX Ache and Pain Relief -
This is the only product I have not tried simply because I haven't experienced any pain
(at least none that requires me to need a pain reliever) since I got my #idovoxbox
It is said to be a convenient single dose of flavoured powder that when poured directly on the tongue helps eliminate a variety of aches and pains

There it is guys, all I got from Influester I Do Vox Box. I hope you like the products. If you have used any of these products before, feel free to let me know what you think about them.
Till I write you again, Stay Beautiful!

Swan Beauty Queen

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