Latest Makeup Technique - Strobing

Hey darlings,

Awesome to have you back here on my blog. Here is a 'How To' post on the latest make up technique called 'Strobing'. Strobing has been around for a long time, and believe me, you may have strobed your beautiful face one time or the other before without knowing that is what it's called.
I will call Strobing an alternative to Contoring. Strobing allows for light to be drawn on the areas of your face that needs to be brought forward without having to diminish some of your facial features like contouring does.
 It was made popularised by the French women who believe you don't have to alter your facial features in order to achieve a highlighted, glowing effect.
Strobing requires a healthy beautiful skin, but don't be afraid if your skin is a bit rough just like mine, you can still achieve the healthy glow with the right products.
Many mistake strobing with shimmery look - wrong. It's a naturally sheer beautiful glow, except for photo sessions that allows excess and a more prominent use of the illuminator.
A great highlighter or illuminator is your best friend for this strobing technique. You can use basically any sheer beautiful highlighter or pigment that you have to pull off this look.
Apply a highlighter on your cheek bone to your temple, to your brow bone, your forehead (skip this if you are very oily) down your nose, cubid's bow, chin and tear duct area.

Products used -
No7 Beautifully Matte by Boots
BM Pro HD Face Creator - Tan Moisture
LA Girl Pro Concealer - Fawn
Ben Nye Luxury Powder - Banana
Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Powder - Dark

So guys, there you have it, strobe your face away!!!
Till we talk again