Swan Beauty in collaboration with Original Intentions Studio (OIS)

Hello Beauties,

It's the middle of the year 2014 already, all glory be to God we are all hale and hearty.
And so Swan Beauty team have been contemplating we have a small photo session. Co-incidentally and quite unplanned for Original Intentions Studios (OIS) CEO Mr Femi called and gave us the honour to have a test run shoot for their new studio - 'The Floating Studio' located in Gbagada Lagos. https://www.facebook.com/floatingstudios

We took up some accessories and fabrics and rolled all out and made our way there and here are the pictures.

Getting Tomisin ready for the shoot, in yellow and purple, well was contemplating if she should have the red beads or the purple beads, we settled for the purple, it suits it perfectly.

 Those eyes...........

 Here is Omotola's look. Simple and sleek.

 Her smile and her poses.......
 Tomisin again in Yellow! well with a touch of red. You like?

 Omotola's 2nd look. Yellow is the domineering colour.

I feel yellow is so sweet........., I'll like to hear your own thoughts about yellow.
And expect a post on different colours soon.

Overall, it was a nice shoot, and we had fun at the OIS shoot. And I say thank you to Mr Femi and his assistant Ope, also to Olawunmi of Olly beads who supplied us the beads under short notice - you can reach her on 08064452401 or 08123358788 and finally my sincere appreciation to the Swan Beauty team Precious and Bukola. (You'll see pictures of us all soon)
I hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures, kindly send in your comments. Would really love to hear from you

Stay beautiful,
Swan Beauty Queen