The MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Materclass with Bimpe Onakoya

 Hello Beauties,

I have missed you as much as you have missed me, with the heat these days, I had to be begging for mercy, but thank God for the beautiful rain this morning - it's refreshing.
Well well well, this is a late post, but I just have to post it, because it's a beautiful day filled with colours and intelligent minds that add beauty to people's lives - Makeup Artists.
Have I ever told you that I love what I do and that I love the beauty industry in Nigeria? Well if you  haven't heard it, now you know. And so when I heard about The Maybelline Masterclass with thier Artistic Director and Celebrity MUA Bimpe Onakoya, I made it a point to register fast and 'turn up' against all odds.
The venue was at Raddison Blu Hotel Victoria Island. There was a brief introduction by Mrs Titi Offor while the Maybelline Nigeria Brand Manager Miss Bukola Balogun carried us through the history of Maybelline and all the different milestone from 1915 - 1930 (the eyebrow pencil was created) - 1917 (the great lash was created) - 1970-1980 - 1991 (the slogan 'maybe she's born with it maybe it's Maybelline' was started) - 1996. We also learnt the founder goes by the name Mabel and she used Vaseline and Coal as makeup, so Mabel and Vaseline gave birth to what we now know today as 'Maybelline'.
Here are the pictures, though I won't be able to mention all names nor caption all the pictures, but basically enjoy viewing them.

 Chloe, Funmbi and Omobolaji

 Cross section of Makeup Artists
 The hall wall screaming 'Maybelline' - I always like their set up
 The pretty Love Olaleye of Flawless Touch
 Love Olaleye and some cute lady with her handsome boy
 Me love Kunbi Fashakin and Love Olaleye
Beautiful ladies
 The industry is filled with intelligent people
 Lovely smile Kika and friend, I sight you.
 Cross section of delegates
 The Maybelline Masterclass set up
 Chit Chat
 I see you ma'am

 Smart ladies of the industry
 House of Tara Rep

 Beyond Faces
For some reasons, these ladies just strike me as people who know their onions when it comes to Makeup

 Lovely pair of glasses

 And the Masterclass begins, Aunty Bimpe gave a brief introduction about what she loves to do. I tell you, this woman can apply makeup on somebody in her sleep, 'I breathe makeup' - in her words. I love her silly, she's so down to earth and ready to share knowledge
 Aunty Bimpe doing her stuff on Yemisi Nsure


 I bought the addictive Colossal kajal and the Volum' lash mascarra
 Lunch time, my plate *covers face*
 Mrs Titi Offor during the invitation

 Me famsing Aunty Bimpe
Miss Bukola Balogun giving the history about Maybelline

You see the pictures are so many right?
Phew! I believe you enjoyed viewing them.
Here's a take home: There's no end to learning.

Till next time, keep looking fabulous! *winks*