Sleek Flash 'a' Pout Lip Stain review

Hello Beauties, how is your day going?

Just a little word of encouragement, it’s still the 1st quarter of the year, keep working on those dreams, make sure they are bigger than you, do not limit yourself, keep launching out to the deep and your dreams will manifest, you’ll see.

 Yea, so I know I have been blogging for a while and have never done reviews, now this is my 1st review ever and thanks to Sleek Studio Nigeria for generously giving out some of their new lip products for review. I got my own goodie bag a bit late but I got it anyway and with all excitement I dug into the bag and here are the products there in ..........
A Long lasting  ultra matte finish lip stain with LED light and mirror for perfect application even in the dark  

It comes in 6 vibrant colors for that flawless finish look!!! Namely:

1.       Naivety

2.       Duke

3.       Siren

4.       Forbidden

5.       Coined

6.       Revolution.

And their Skin Care Products:
1. Lightening in a jar

2. New Skin Reveal

3. New Skin Reveal More

4. Gentle Cleansing foam with green tea.

5. Scrub away my troubles.

6. Signature Kit
7. Blotting Paper.

So let's pick it up from the lip stains. As you can see in the picture above, I discovered the Flash 'a' pout lip stains are rich in colour, texture and they are long lasting. 
In application, they glide easily and give enough room for blending before they finally dry out into a matte finish, they don't stick on the lips and they go off only when swiped with a wipe, tissue or washed off.
The colours are vibrant and suit different individual needs and you can totally mix the colours together - I tried it *winks*, and you can chose whether or not to line the lips before application and can also apply some gloss on the lips for extra volume and shine.
The packaging is good and innovative because of the mirror on the side and the LED light which allows for proper application even in the dark. One needs to be careful in layering the lip products though ; a build-able application is advisable so that the lips don't look crackly.

In conclusion, I will buy these lip products again and will recommend them to others.
it will take some time before I review the Studio skin care range, since it's based upon careful observation.

I hope this review is helpful to someone....*smile*
Enjoy the rest of your night!