Swan Beauty one-week TUITION FREE Makeup training 2014!!!

Hello friends, it's happening again, our one week TUITION FREE makeup training for this year is taking place between 17th - 21st of March 2014. Last year, we gave back to our society by holding this event to empower more young people who might be interested in Makeup or those who want to brush up their Makeup skills, we are having it again this year and it promises to be better. The delegates last year had so much fun and were tremendously impacted that many of them have started out their businesses and are doing good - the present Swan Beauty assistant was also one of the delegates of last year's event.
This year, to qualify, you must be a believer and a fan of Swan Beauty, therefore you are expected to :
Like our Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/swanbeauty
Follow us on Instagram - swansearocks (if you are on Instagram)
Follow us on twitter - @ swansearock1 (if you tweet)
Visit our blog - www.swanbeautyplace.blogspot.com and drop your comment
Lastly, you must spread the good news, share our updates and let others know about the event so they they can also benefit from it.
To allow for proper and adequate planning you are to register with a sum of N10,000 only (which allows you a starter kit to be used in class and to be taken away with you at the end of the training) and only to be paid into  - Gtbank-0123632284-Swan Beauty on or before Friday 14th of March 2014.

For more information call 08051317354 or 08072240648

Thank you.

Terms and conditions apply.