Let's reach out together friends

Hello friends, I believe you all know that Swan beauty is beyond a Beauty company, we are also concerned about other aspects of people's lives, we have a lot in store our fans this year, we want you to help us reach out to more people so that a lot more people can benefit from them, which is why we have come up with a monthly a task - with a lovely price of course.
The task: The 1st person to get 10 people to like our page 
https://www.facebook.com/Swanbeauty?ref=stream will inbox us the names of the 10 people and the mobile service provider he or she uses. 
The attractive price: a recharge card of N1500 for the person and the person will come for a Free Makeover in our studio, (and if a guy, he will provide a female person of his choice for the Free Makeover) have a good picture taken and be Swan Beauty Face of the month on our page.
The Challenge: The task should be between the next 10 days of this post, so that our winner will have his or her price and have her face on our page for the rest the days of the month.

Have a great day people!