Photoshop and Makeup

Hi ladies, I bring to you something I discovered of recent about Makeup and Photoshop.
A lady used a fine picture of herself as display picture on blackberry messenger, her makeup was on point and I just felt the lady is very beautiful and all, then a few days after, she used the same picture as display but this time ‘Photoshoped’, my God, she looked like a bit funny and artificial. My question was; why did she have to do the editing? She looked very good without the Photoshop.
Then a few days after that I had to do a bride, my lovely Omolade at Ido Ekiti. Well I took my own ‘pre-pro’ camera along hoping to take lovely pictures. Omolade had facials a few days to her wedding and was still reacting to it, so her face was rough with spots all around,( It’s advisable to have your facials a 4-3 weeks before your wedding, so that the reaction would have been over before your d-day). When she was complaining, I told her not to worry, we’d conceal them all. So we got the Makeup done and gratefully her face was smoother. I took my own pictures and here they are:

 Omolade's face before the Makeup
 And her face, after the Makeup (with my 'Pre-pro' camera). Lol! Do you see the spots are no longer there?
 Blowing kisses

I ‘palled up’ with the official photographer and he gave me the edited pictures from his camera and they were soooo lovely, I like pictures that are not too edited, they help to show the creativity of my work clearly, as opposed to the ‘over-photoshoped’ ones.
 And these are the edited ones from the official photographer.

So I thought to myself that is it Makeup that helps Photoshop or it’s Photoshop that helps Makeup?

I feel to a large extent, Makeup helps Photoshop, because imagine if I didn’t have to conceal Omolade’s face, the photographer will have a lot of work to do trying to edit the picture, so what it means is that Photoshop starts where Makeup stops. It goes without saying that Photoshop is very useful for makeup to look a lot presentable.
My conclusion is that both should not be done in extreme. Makeup should be done moderately with the power of the most important rule of blending put to use as well as Photoshop should also be done with moderacy, so that the client does not look too artificial.
Do you agree with me? If not, let’s hear it…..