Lagos MakeUp Fair 2 (LMUF2) Pictures for Swan Beauty

Hello dear friends, as you all know Swan Beauty was at the Lagos MakeUp Fair 2, and we promised to bring you pictures, now here are some of the pictures of the simple looks we created during the fair. We made it a point to offer any lady who visited our stand to define their brows for free, which we did, so our focus was majorly on the brows accompanied by a simple look for anyone who wanted more.


I enjoyed this lady's fresh face , it was a smooth canvas for makeup...*winks*
Uloakwu - a member of Swan Beauty team.

I love her low cut, don't you just love it too?

She was absolutely pleased with her brows and of course her red lips.
Thia is Uloakwu's sister

I love her smile.......

She wouldn't have her brows anywhere else, but with Swan Beauty, because her friend dragged her down to our stand.
She's a blogger and she never mentioned until we finished her 15 minutes makeover, she then said:
'When I blog about how Swan Beauty made me up, I'd send it to you'

Thank you Aunty Funmi, I love your red lips though.....
With Miss Omolola of Pops Concept, the organiser of the Makeup Fair Series - a great person.
Africa Independent Television (AIT) connections
*wide smile*
My friend came to support Swan Beauty, Thank you Peju.
trying to put things together on our table.....Oooppppssss, we were not ready for the pictures.
Okay, we now posed at this point, heheheh!
This is the 1st lady we carved her brows, My God! she brought many more people...

Thanks dear, for stopping by our stand as well.

Lovely smile.....
I love Swan Beauty!

I come and pose o!
Sleeping Beauty! heheheheheheheh!

Okay, more pictures to come so keep your fingers crossed.