Succesful Makeup Training!

 We say thank you for supporting Swan Beauty before, during and after the 1-Week Tuition Free Training. We'd like to tell you it was a success and we believe that great success stories will soon start springing out through the impact of the program! Have a continuous successful life!

Here are some of the pictures from the training, they are many.

The first day was really fun. All the students were welcomed to the class by the CEO od Swan Beauty: Miss Okubanjo Funmilayo Omosewa. In here welcoming speech, she gave a short story on how she started out and her experience so far in the business.

Classes commenced with the theory, hand outs were distributed to aid fast learning and for referrals after the training. Skin types, Facial shapes and features, colours and combinations, types of makeup and there was useful information about makeup products, the tools of the trade and their functions.

 At the end of the class the students had gathered enough knowledge, so they were told to get prepared for their test, the motivational talk and practical the next day!