Know Your Facial Foundations

The Foundation market today is saturated with many types and brands of choices ranging from
liquid foundation, cream foundation, stick foundation, cream-to-powder foundation etc.
To make it easier for you to determine the type that is best for you, we have placed foundations
into two(2) major categories;

Liquid Foundations: This usually offer a sheer coverage and provides a natural look. It is easy to apply
and fits like a second skin, They are available in Water-based (e.g Mary Kay) and Oil based formulas (e.g Black Up).
The oil free or water-based are best for those with oily skin and combination skin.

Cream Foundations: Their first ingredient is usually oil, then they have water as their second or third ingredient.
They are available in compact (e.g Sleek, Iman, Mary Kay, Fashion Fair, Black Up etc )or stick form (e.g Black Radiance, Black Opal etc).
They are very easy to apply and provide a creamy and flawless finish
and they are good for dry, ashy skin or aging and wrinkled skin.

So ladies, when you go to the market, do not be confused as to what type foundations to get for your skin.
Once you know your skin type, you'd be able to determine the best type. You might have brand preferences,
but your preferred brand will always have a range that caters for your skin type.