Swan Beauty is the Official Makeup Artist for Model of Africa Fashion Party!

It was a well organized event with nice music playing and all the models and designers trooping in from all direction to Ember Creek, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi Lagos for the Model of Africa Thank you/Fashion Party.

The event was put together primarily to appreciate the sponsors, media partners, friends, and well wishers who has played key roles in the success of the Model of Africa Vision and to celebrate the Model of Africa winners and top models for their achievements.

Swan Beauty Makeovers was the official makeup artist at the event and it was a great experience. They were all guys and it was cool, doing makeup for guys Knowing that they'll still look cool and not "over-painted".

We started out with cleaning their faces; then we applied foundation lightly over their faces to cover their imperfections, and to avoid adding too much color, we applied on them some translucent powder, a soft lip balm to keep their lips supple and brushed their eyebrows, beards and hair to shape. For some of them, we gave them a little bit of an artistic or dramatic look because of the outfit they'll be showcasing for their designers.....It was an awesome experience altogether.

Here are some of the pictures.. Enjoy it! 

That is Funke working on a model
This is Shade doing her thing...
 That's me.....*smile*


 There are more.....


Okay there you have it!
All the fun with all the swags......
Opps! I forgot to say a big thank you to Funke and Shade. You guys are tha' bomb!
Catch ya'all later.