Olufunmi's wedding

Hi there!  How was your Easter break? Sure it was cool, mine was fun because I visited people.
Let us not forget the reason for the season though......*smile*

So we're back to work, and we still have like 2 to 3 months ahead before the next holiday. Let us just give our best to whatever job we do while having fun with it.

Okies here are pictures from Olufunmi's traditional wedding.
She wore the royal color purple and cream, It was a good combination for her and also for me because I enjoyed mixing the colors on her fine bulgy eyes plus she has very lovely eyebrows....

Let me not say too much, see the pictures for yourselves and let me know what you think by making your comments.

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Did you see me and my lovely bride? Her mother was beholding her face as well....awwww beautiful.
Aii, friends, watch out for the white wedding pictures.