Swan Beauty Ice Queen...............

 Hi there! This festive season, we present to you Swan Beauty Ice Queen.................Let's have fun all the way as we see how this look was achieved;
First of all, the model's eye brows were carved to bring out her beautiful face.
We applied a face primer to keep the makeup looking lovely and 'just applied' for a longer period.
A foundation of her shade was applied on her, and a powder of her shade as well.
The eyeshadow primer went on the lid before the eyeshadow was carefully applied on it, going in graduation from silver to grey to light blue which was used to contour,blending all together to give the desired look, her brow bone was also highlighted and blended as well.
The eye brows were filled with the right shade of pencil for her complexion and brushed in place.
We fixed her lashes and lined her upper eyelid as well as the lower eyelid to meet at the outer corner of her eyes.
Then we used the silver eyeliner for her lower lashes as well.
For her lips, we used a mixture of silver and baby pink, lining it lightly and blending well so as not to have the demarcation lines.
Her cheeks were accentuated lightly with a lovely peach blush.
We then illuminated her t-zone area with a bronzer.
And Guala! Swan Beauty Ice Queen was created............

Whatever look you want, just ask that we create it for you and you'll get it!

N.B: For the list of the exact product used, send us a mail at swanserock@gmail.com