Challenging brides always give us room to prove ourselves.

Bukky was quite a challenging bride because she wanted to know what products we would use on her if they are 'high-end' products or 'cheap' ones, but we told her that we use the best of all products and we made her understand that in as much as high-end products can give you a great outlook; the art of applying the makeup is more important. For instance, wearing a very expensive foundation wrongly can make you look like you are wearing a mask, but if worn rightly, it will give you the best of outlook, so that the product as well as the face is not 'abused'. So we did our job and our bride commended it. The headgear was done in the unconventional way of  round fan, it was tied to have an angular shape by the side and at the back, and that was what she loved the most. She was pleased with the outcome of her look overall.